Cindy Kurtz

Cindy Kurtz | Principal

Prior to founding Marketing Performance Group in 1986, Cindy spent several years honing her marketing skills as a brand marketing manager at corporate giants Procter & Gamble, Milton Bradley and Kransco. During that time, she directed the ongoing promotional and advertising efforts of some of those companies’ major brands, including Instant Folger’s® Coffee, Twister® and Power Wheels®.

In 1986, Cindy began her media career, planning and placing the television advertising budget for a large retail home furnishings business in New Orleans. Discovering how difficult it was for local businesses to find quality media buying support — even at some of the larger local and regional full-service ad agencies — she founded Marketing Performance Group (initially established as Media Placement Group).

Leveraging her client-side understanding of marketing and advertising strategy, she set out to provide the same research-based media planning and buying support for Marketing Performance Group clients that major corporations receive from their national advertising agencies. The result: Marketing Performance Group clients enjoy the benefits of more efficient and effective media plans, and, ultimately, a boost to their bottom line.



Cindy graduated Magna Cum Laude from Emory University’s School of Business Administration, where she received a BBA degree.