Case Studies

The Challenge

A local franchisee of a national home furnishings chain was utilizing the franchisor’s national advertising agency to plan and place their local TV advertising. The incumbent agency was reviewing and placing plans annually, and the client was pre-paying for all quarterly advertising and placement fees. The client did not feel in control of their media plan; they did not know what was supposed to run each month, whether the ads were running as scheduled, or whether the plans were actually delivering against their media weight goals.

The Solution

The Solution MPG conducted a thorough evaluation of the previous 90 days’ TV plans. The comprehensive review of the media plans included: (1) comparing plan execution against the client’s advertising and media strategies; (2) reconciling each invoice against the original order, looking for proper spot placement, fair rotation of ads within programming and fair substitution of make-good ads for any pre-empted spots; and (3) conducting post buy analysis to measure how well the plans actually delivered against their original weight goals. The plan review revealed several serious weaknesses in the planning and execution of the TV buys. Specifically, it was determined that the programming mix did not effectively reach the target consumer, that several key programs were constantly being pre-empted resulting in significant under-delivery, and that the client was owed significant media credits of which they were unaware. Based on the findings, MPG made a variety of recommendations regarding programming, spot rates, daypart mix, make-good strategy and other executional considerations.

The Results

MPG helped the client discover significant weaknesses in the execution of their media plans. Based on the recommendations from the evaluation and the MPG’s execution of the revised media plans, MPG turned up an additional 16% advertising weight over the next 12 months without requiring any increase in media budget. Retail sales revenue over the next year increased proportionately as a direct result of the increased advertising weight.