Research Sources


Nielsen Media Research, the well-known TV ratings company, provides a syndicated service which tracks television audience viewership. It is an essential element of planning, negotiating, buying, and tracking a television plan. Nielsen ratings are the key measure used to quantify the “value” of each individual television spot. Used in conjunction with TvScan software, this powerful tool allows us to measure the actual delivery of a media buy.


An international media and marketing research firm which provides syndicated measurement of network and local market radio audiences across the United States. Arbitron ratings are necessary to select the most appropriate radio stations for each client’s individual target audience and to measure listenership. Used in conjunction with our TapScan software, Arbitron ratings help us deliver the most listeners per advertising dollar.

ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation)

ABC’s audited reports provide detailed information on circulation for daily and weekly newspapers, business publications and consumer magazines. Research services include a centralized research library containing the audience estimates essential to fairly compare newspaper efficiencies with spot television and local market radio.


Scarborough Research’s syndicated databases are comprised of detailed information about demographics, consumer behavior, lifestyle activities and media habits on a national and local basis. Used to better understand consumers and geographical markets.


Provides dependable market rate projections for a wide range of media, enhancing media planning accuracy, improving budget allocation, and ensuring more effective rate negotiation.


Provides a comprehensive database of media rates and information — cataloging more than 100,000 media properties, including both traditional media (magazines, newspapers, television, direct marketing and radio), as well as alternative marketing opportunities (online, out-of-home).


MPG’s proprietary software enabling effective management of multi-market newspaper advertising programs. Allows us to effectively negotiate, place, track and reconcile simultaneous newspaper programs all across the US.


MPG’s proprietary CRM software enabling our clients to effectively manage their lead generation programs. Allows us to track calls, leads and sales by media source and provide customized reporting on CPC (cost per call), CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per acquisition) and aROI (return on advertising investment).


These sophisticated programs allow buyers to evaluate program trends and create multiple “what if” scenarios, measuring each individual program and the combined effects of all programming in a buy to maximize reach, frequency and overall media weight against a client’s target audience.

Monitor Plus

Links television ratings to commercial occurrence data to track “share of spending” and “share of voice.” The service tracks advertising activity across 15 categories of media, including television, radio and print, and provides insight into where media investments are being made by competitors.


Provides insight into competitive activity/spending levels by brand, and syndicated coupon tracking information.

Marshall Marketing

Provides marketing intelligence collected through consumer market research. Provided through local broadcasters, the research data includes consumer shopping habits, demographics, media usage, and lifestyles in about 90 US markets. Used to evaluate consumer shopping/purchase habits in key product categories.


Provides research on consumer targeting and brand trial loyalty. Can assist in developing a richer understanding of the market, leverage brand strengths and better position your brand.


Simmons is a multimedia research company with information on adults, teens, kids and Hispanic consumers. Used for its rich lifestyle descriptor information.